Google buys into multi-touch, is an iPad-killing tablet next?

3 May 2010

Google are buying up lots of interesting companies at the moment, as they continue their quest to rule the galaxy and develop their Mekon-sized brains. According to Gigaom, they've just bought Bumptop, a start-up that specialises in multi-touch 3D-style desktop software. Pinch and zoom, shuffle and trim, sweep items into tidy piles or leave your desktop looking like a teenager's bedroom - it's powerful and impressive stuff:

There have been persistent rumours of Google developing an Android-powered tablet for mainstream market; if they can bundle this type of interface into a tablet and are prepared to promote it, they may well deal the iPad a serious blow before it has a chance to become established in what will quickly become a crowded market.



  • Bullet
    very neat
  • dj u.
    Very nice, not to mention Flash WOULD be enabled if Google decided to bring out there own tablet, Which i would be willing to hold out for. I have never had any intentions of getting an ipad couldn't justify getting one when my iphone does alot more than the ipad on a smaller screen.
  • Guybrush T.
    Is anyone else seeing a pattern in that these companies are making us more into consumers while they become bigger producers- we are supposed to spend our time playing with pretty images etc and buying stuff. Also I don't want a virtual room that I have to keep tidy. Or am I missing the point.
  • William
    Looks to complicated for Google. I see google creating a 3G, cloud based/webos tablet and not someting fancy as seen in the above vid
  • Matt
    Not sure if I like the whole 'wall' thing. Very neat, looks quite fast. Maybe if they get rid of the wall have a flat surface. What do you all think?
  • Jack
    Looks pretty cool, and it seemed to work pretty well. These things aren't really my thing at the moment, it just seems to me that it would be you less productive, you have to fuck around doing loads of other things. But maybe I'll change my mind, these things are growing on me
  • mark M.
    I like the look of this and have downloaded a demo. I have a crappy little HP touch screen netbook at home and this would liven it up a bit
  • delrio
    as a result of the purchase, it'll no longer be downloadable from bumptop themselves but you can grab it for free until the seventh of may (friday) info @
  • smashingnicey
    definitely one to watch out for when people have stopped making the interface 'look' like a physical room (those walls looked naff as hell) - needs the hand of apple to give it some reserved, functional flair. (here come the apple haters!!!)
  • Sue
    If this thing has to be realized sooner, Wow, I can say Google has really it's own creative way of pulling every new technology's success. I am a fan of every Google technology; but with iPad, i guess iPad can still reach its greatest success in the market before Google can pull it down...

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