Google buying Twitch (what is it?)

19 May 2014

twitch Google are throwing their money around again, this time offering a billion big ones to take over Twitch. The service, it seems, will be coupled with YouTube.

So what is Twitch?

Well, Twitch lets users livestream gameplay videos from their PCs, XBox and PS4 consoles so that others can watch. It is popular too, with a reported 45 million monthly users and a million active uploaders.

Twitch also run gaming events and redistributes content from Joystiq, Gamespot, and Destructoid, Manvsgame and more.

Is it worth $1bn? That's not far off the amount Google paid for YouTube. Well, Twitch is growing in popularity and reports show that American primetime hours, Twitch was the fourth largest source of network traffic, with only Netflix, Google and Apple raking in more.

Only last year, the League of Legends Season 3 World Championship event gathered in a gigantic 32 million viewers in a single day.

It might be under the radar now, but with Google getting involved and more and more media outlets taking video games seriously (even as a spectator sport), 2014 could well be the tipping point for gaming, and could see a return to the kind of feverish gaming last seen in the 80s when people went crazy over Pacman in the arcades.

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  • Mof t.
    "Twitch lets users upload gameplay videos from their XBox and PS4 consoles so that others can watch." lolz. It's livestreaming, not uploading videos. Consoles make up a fraction of the streams though, a huge majority of the streams are streamed through PCs.

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