Google bring us separate Real Time search engine. Er, okay

It’s another day and that means only one thing – Google hurling some more shit against a wall to see if it’ll stick.

Yesterday it was VOIP calls through Gmail, while today it’s a stand-alone place for their ‘Real Time’ search engine. That’s the recently-launched feature that gives you bang-up-to-the-minute updates from social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and something we’ve never heard of called MySpace.

Google Real Time is still at an experimental stage but you can find it here. Google say that one of its handiest uses will be for companies to find out what is being said about them across the various social networks. It’ll prove to be particularly useful for media companies, allowing them to instantly gauge the reaction to their latest movies, TV shows or recorded musical albums.

As for the rest of us, will any of you use it as a stand-alone search engine or will you be like us and just continue to ignore its annoying presence at the top of the normal Google results page?

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  • Mr M.
    This looks bollocks. Why would anyone want this?
  • he-man
    Latest Just In: President Obama Assasinated 27th August 2010!! XXX,Hardcore,Viagra,Buffy The Vampire Slayer, David Camerons Winkie,Tesco Value Cucumbers. Ive just doubled your redearship.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
  • Christopher S.
    It's pretty awesome. Not that any of the proles here would appreciate it. You probably all still use Yahoo
  • Cock K.'s bollocks.......all I now know from using it is that someone on twitter thinks that 'he is I'm now officially "allowed" to kick a squirrel into a river.' from 2 minutes ago...

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