Google back in the phone game with the Nexus S

6 December 2010

google nexus s Google have decided to have another crack at the mobile phone market and have announced the launch of their Nexus S phone today. Made by Samsung, it is the sequel to the HTC-built Nexus One which was hardly the big hit that Google hoped it would be.

The phone should be available in the U’s S and K and from around the end of the month and will include the newest Android OS, Gingerbread (that’s its name, not a pet name we’ve dreamt up for you).

It will also include the groovy Near Field Communications hardware which allows people (like you or us) to use their phones as travel tickets, make small payments and scan their phones over adverts in order to get more information about a product (according to the BBC anyway).

The phone will be part of Samsung’s Galaxy S family of phones and tablets and In the UK, the phone will be available via Carphone Warehouse, who say they are negotiating contracts with all of the UK operators. They have said that the phone will be free with a £35 per month contract or will be available unlocked for £549.

Will YOU be joining the queue for a Nexus S? You will? Really? Wow. Go further – tell us what you’re wearing. Go on…

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  • scott
    £549 !!! what a fooking rip
  • Mr G.
    I'll be wearing a red carnation That's all
  • Name: M.
    I remember when the galaxy S phones were being released and I defended Samsung saying that they had learned their lesson. All this gingerbread news is just making me and I'm sure other galaxy S users depressed/pissed. I'm never buying a Samsung phone again.
  • Royal A.
    How will you affix the carnation to yourself Mr Greggles?
  • Liam
    There is no major improvement with this phone over the original Nexus One, very much like when Apple released the iPhone 3GS over the 3G. It doesn't even have removable storage either. 16GB inbuilt is quite generous for a Android phone, but no removable storage defeats the "openness" of Android. I hope that Google quickly implements a cloud storage facility for music and video.

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