Google axe 60k apps while talk of WhatsApp takeover rumbles on

10 April 2013


There's been a lot of chat about Google buying out WhatsApp. For those that don't know what that is, it is an app that people are using to chat, rather than sending text messages.

There have been rumours that Google were buying the hugely successful app for $1bn, but WhatsApp have denied that they're in negotiations with the web giant. Last year, it was rumoured that Facebook wanted to buy WhatsApp, who are processing around 18 billion messages per day across 750 mobile networks.

While Google already have a variety of social services, apparently, they're looking at uniting all chat and messaging options under a new programme called Google Babel. However, a spokesperson for Google said they wouldn't comment on "rumours and speculation".

Elsewhere, Google are having a big cull on apps, deleting around 60,000 spam, low quality or lousy apps from Google Play marketplace. Of course, 'Play' has always been a bit of a tip compared to Apple's equivalent thanks to a lack of vetting system.

It seems Google are getting ready for a Play 4.0 redesign and want to spruce the place up.


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