Google at the Superbowl - the cheap ad that cost $5 million

We don't understand American Football in the Bitterwallet office, so we all trooped into work late last night with a 24-pack of Heineken and watched Escape to Victory instead. While they was knacking the goalie's arm all over again, the fuss in the US was over Google - they are rumoured to have spent up to $5 million on their Superbowl commercial.

After blowing all that cash on the airtime, they didn't bother producing anything new - this ad was first seen in November last year. Not that they'd have spent much producing a fresh ad, given that it featured nothing other than a Google homepage and search results:

Slightly more cheerful than Hemmingway's attempt at brevity but what's interesting about this (and the recent domination of billboards across the UK for their Chrome operating system) is that Google has in the past refused to advertise its services, preferring instead to let word-of-mouth do the talking. But the last twelve months has seen new players emerge in search, in both Twitter and Bing, so Google to is moving to secure its market share - less Googling means less Google Ads.


  • Nobby
    Shame they didn't show the version with syphilis.
  • Jase
    the guy seems a little clingy. "we can have a long distance relationship...fuck it I'll move to Paris. Know of any good churches?"
  • Joff
    It brought a tear to my eye that did.
  • Al
    I find it odd they didn't do a Nexus advert. Sales have been pretty slow so far and what better a slot to push the message. Come to think of it I haven't seen any official adverts for the Nexus.

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