Google are going after ALL your social media by creating a robot version of you

Google Popeye Google tried their hand at social media by giving us G+. Sadly for them, no-one wanted to use it because it seemed a bit pointless. However, Google are not finished with you yet as they're looking at sticking their fingers in all your social networks.

And they want to stick their fingers in YOU.

The internet giant are looking at developing something that allows you to manage multiple social networking accounts. If you've heard of Sprout, it'll probably be like that, only free and will probably invade your personal privacy at some point.

Even weirder though, is that they have patented a robot that will post things on your behalf. The software, it is claimed, will learn how one reacts on social networks and mimics their usual responses to updates and messages.

Google software engineer Ashish Bhatia said: "It is often difficult for users to keep up with and reply to all the messages they are receiving and the software is intended to help them manage the data."

One nice thing is that, should you end up tweeting something daft about an airport and you end up in court, now you can just say "GOOGLE DID IT."

Do you fancy handing over the keys to all your social media to a Google robot? And what happens if it starts sending everyone n00dz?


  • Dick
    So it makes you immortal? In facebook world anyway.
  • Duhh
    This strikes me as being utterly pointless. Surely the point of 'social media' is that it is social. i.e. it is you responding to other people? Not a bunch of machines talking to other machines? And if your posts and responses are so predictable that they can be learned and simulated, then perhaps you are too dull to be on 'social media'? Just becoming posting for the sake of posting, and not actually interacting. Utter. Shit.

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