Google and Apple go toe-to-toe to make smart-dashboards for cars

30 December 2013

old car It seems strange that it has taken technology companies so long to start modernising cars. While the safety and motors of cars are being constantly worked on and improved, the entertainment element has stayed largely the same.

Not for long as Google and Apple are both developing ways to bring apps, navigation and music together on smart-dashboards.

Google are already collaborating with Audi for a new Android dash which will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Apple meanwhile have got deals with BMW, Honda, Mercedes and Daimler, who will have iOS dashboards. With voice-control being a key iOS feature, Siri could be very useful for drivers wanting to access apps and media while driving.

What are Google and Apple doing differently? Well, Google is looking to embed electronics into the car, running Android natively. Apple meanwhile are using the iPhone as the brains behind the connection to speakers, screens and microphones.

Analyst Thilo Koslowski told WSJ: "The car is becoming the ultimate mobile device. Apple and Google see that and are trying to line up allies to bring their technology into the vehicle."

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  • ian P.
    Just imagine Apple Audio stuff in a Car 'the Mp3 file you are attempting to play was not purchased through iTunes and is therefore not compatible' can't imagine anything worse... Would go for a Windows OS or Android (but not embedded Android) just for the sound system...
  • Dosser
    Yes Ian - I see that very alert on my iPhone all the time. Like ALL the time.
  • james d.
    ffs now i'll have to stop buying BMWs, LIFE IS SO HARD.
  • Simes123
    Are you still in 2009 Ian?

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