Goodbye Internet Explorer 6, we knew him well

If you'd like to pay your last respects to Internet Explorer 6, there'll be a short memorial service held in Denver on 4 March. Those unable to attend are asked to send flowers. The adored and once popular web browser has been in ailing health over the past several years. The news of the elderly eight year-old's demise follows Google's decision to no longer support the browser.

Bitterwallet - RIP IE6
Not that IE6 is dead just yet, but it's free publicity for a web design agency. Apparently there'll be cake and beer at the wake, so that's good. Hooray! For he's a jolly good fellow, etc.


  • Gunn
    Won't be missed, such a hassle to keep websites compatible.
  • Yahoo S.
    People still use IE?
  • ScottC
    The wake is held at "Downing Street". Bullied to death?
  • Johnnie M.
    My workplace refuse to move a way from this lumbering turd... so annoying.
  • Daedalus
    If it 'aint broke, don't fix it. And you know what, it wasn't broken, they've simply been bullied out of the market by Google wanting everyone to use Chrome. What they forget it, not everyone has that option. Large multinational cooperations might not WANT to shell out for the time and expense to have engineers visit all their sites to have all their PC's upgraded to IE7 or 8 when IE6 works ABSOLUTELY FINE, or might not WANT to shell out for Windows XP/Vista/7 when 2000 works ABSOLUTELY FINE. Google - The real Skynet.
  • Jase
    @Daedalus - are you fucking serious?! Would you like me to write you a list of what is wrong with IE6? I've got a feeling that the character count on this comment box won't be enough. I'm a web designer / front-end developer and IE6 is the bane of my life...believe me, there's a problem with it. It's getting "bullied out" of the market because it's 8 years old, has underlying insecurities and is holding back the progression of internet with it's inability to support latest web trend technologies. The only reason Google is mentioned is because they discovered that it was a flaw in IE6 that allowed the Gmail / China account hacking. Their ceasing support of IE6 pretty much the same time Microsoft originally planned (was 2009, now 2012). Large multi-national corporations might not want to shell out, but they will if they know what's good for them. PS. don't comment if you know fuck all.
  • Dai
    @Daedalus top trolling sir, well done.
  • Harry
    @Daedalus Do you drive a car? Or take a bus? Or use something with wheels to propel yourself forward? Are your legs broken!?! No? As said above, you're wrong on nearly every point. No wait!.. every point. Back to the story, it's good and surprising that the press helped snowball this!
  • Jack
    I can't believe IE still has the biggest market share! It is disgusting! Hopefully this new option users get will let dumb fucking idiots know that there is an alternative which is much much better! Go with Chrome / Firefox / Opera / Safari - they all pwn IE. My favourite used to be Firefox, but it bloated, and crashes so I have gone for Chrome for now.
  • me
    I spit on you! My netscape is still going strong... LOL
  • Kevin K.
    I used to love Firefox as well, but I am now a Chrome user. Firefox is beginning to inherit a lot of IE like qualities.
  • Jase
    Wow...I thought I was the only one that thought that about Firefox. I now only use it for my web dev stuff (for the tools), as said, I find it too bloated...takes too long to load. Chrome is browser of choice for me. I saw some diagram about browser usage (based on W3C stats) which had data between August 2006 and August 2009...if I could find the link again I'd share it :( Anyway, according to the diagram, combined IE only just beats Firefox and IE7 and IE8 (separate) beats IE6.

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