Gmail set for huge redesign... moaning predicted

Bitterwallet - Gmail phishing attack Isn't it wonderful when a free service rejigs everything, sending everyone into a meltdown for a week before they get used to it and forget what they were initially angry about, even though they set up a Facebook group and online petition about it.

And so, the latest thing which will set phasers to 'whinge' is Gmail, which Google are going to completely overhaul.

There's screengrabs of the redesign online (have a look here if you want) and one of the neat ideas that leaps out is a 'snooze' option, which basically allows you to get an email to return to the top of your pile, when you've got more time or inclination to read it.

Of course, Google aren't commenting on any of this because they know, the less they say, the more berks like us will blither on about it.

According to those who have played around with the new format, the new Gmail will have a much more simple interface, which means that the tabs will be gone and, typically for Google, they'll be tying everything in with other products of theirs, which means high visibility for Google's text, voice and video chat services. They'll inevitably be pleading with everyone to start using G+ too, which no-one uses. It appears that they're making it much more mobile friendly too.

There's still a fair bit of griping about Google's changes to YouTube being anchored to G+, so any moans about Gmail may rumble on for some time. We'll just have to wait and see. We look forward to the inevitable op-ed pieces on technology blogs.

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