Gmail: now you can cancel sent emails

Bitterwallet - Gmail phishing attack When Google aren't basically tapping your laptop like spies, they're doing other, less worrying things. They are of course launching a music streaming service just to annoy Apple, and they've also come up with a thing which could spare your blushes if you've just sent a disastrous email.

Gmail has launched an "undo send" option, which is perfect if you've just absent mindedly put thirty kisses on the end of a message to your boss, or you've accidentally sent a photo of your bare arse to the wrong person.

After years of experimenting with the feature, everyone will now be able to choose an option of cancellation of up to 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds. Perfect for those idiots who don't know the difference between 'reply' and 'reply all'.

If you go into your Settings, you'll see the new feature there, which is disabled by default. If this sounds like your bag, then go switch it on right now.

Once you do that, with every email sent, you'll get the thin yellow notification bar at the top of your screen, and it is there you'll be able to cancel your error laden message's delivery.

Sadly, this tool only works on desktop, so won't be any use to you if you send all your messages via the mobile or tablet app.


  • Big A.
    Hasn't this been available on MS Office for a few years already?
  • yoleic
    No, that was recall message. You can be sure that your recipient will read the email with extra attention if they got a recall request.
  • Erick B.
    Oh I didn't know about this, thanks for the nice information! I should try it someday soon. Gotta love your examples of accidentally send some silly stuffs.
  • Jason
    Big Ash is correct (though yoleic's comment is also true, about recalling emails). Google have implemented the same thing as adding a rule to Outlook to delay sending emails for 10, 20 whatever seconds (and then delete them if they are made in error) which has been around for years.

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