Gmail now lets you drag and drop attachments

A great reason to update your browser to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox 3.6; you can now drag and drop email attachments into Google Mail:

Bitterwallet - drag and drop attachments in Google Mail

Handy. Google will roll out the feature to other browsers as soon as they support it. More information available on the Google blog.


  • Steff
    nice but stopped using gmail :)
  • Veronica
    Opera is the best, any fool knows that.
  • PaulH
    IE6 FTW
  • Chav
  • Klingelton
    i use netscape naviagtor.
  • NO
    It's all an illusion
  • Nobby
    WTF is the internet?
  • Alex
    "i use netscape naviagtor." Pfft, I use NCSA Mosaic and have done since 1993.
  • Bunk
  • kev
    does anyone actually use gmail?
  • jasee
    Yes, very useful and not overun with ads, massive storage space and of course you can easily configure an email client to pick up your mail from anywhere.
  • -]
    Sounds just like almost every other provider jasee, the only difference is that every other provider doesn't engage in googles business practice of collecting incredible amounts of data on their users (but they say they don't want to cross the "creepy line", so it's all ok...).
  • Mr G.
    Umm... Isn't this pushing the idea of "consumer hacks, tips and news" just a tad?
  • Only B.
    [...] recent comments from avid Bitterwallet readers are anything to go by, none of you use Google Mail anyway, so [...]

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