Give people the middle finger, Emoji style

emoji middle finger Emojis are usually insufferably cute – even the little poo emoji is adorable – so they can rarely be used to insult someone.

And if you use the internet regularly, you’ll know that sometimes, your online frustration and rage can rarely be articulated using just words alone.

So you’ll be pleased to know that Emoji will soon be unveiling a new middle finger emoticon. Yep, you can flip your friends and your enemies the bird without having to resort to tedious wordy explanations. Just one middle finger in a text, and you can dump that lousy boyfriend, stick it to the man, and take down those trolls.

You can imagine this might catch on all over the world, to the extent that people won’t even bother writing anything at all. Instead all Facebook status updates and tweets will just contain rows and rows of Emoji middle fingers. Easy!

Anyway, the Emoji update will be happening in July, and will include a further 249 characters, including skulls, spider webs, and hopefully, some BLACK PEOPLE. Well, you never know…


  • qwertyuiop
    Lousy boyfriend? Speaking from experience or another BW sexist remark? Girls can be c***s too you know!
  • dvdj10
    Isn't it backwards?
  • Kris
    Amongst my, ahem, delightful circle of internet acquaintances, we've had a standard way of doing this for many years. We've always used: ,,i,, rather than any of this unicode nonsense. The unicode "pile of poo" character, on the other hand, looks like a marvel of modern technology. Right up there with the unicode snowman.
  • Lobster M.

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