German Street View launch set to provide fresh mirth

21 November 2010

Google Street View has now launched in Germany, inevitably providing us with a brand new treasure trove of unusual imagery from the strasse of Deutschland (streets of Germany).

So… any suggestions as to what is going on here then?



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  • Keith
    German man fails to grasp the term 'dogging'
  • Der B.
    Joint UK-German remake of Das Boot dogged by limited budget and poorly translated puns.
  • maxtweenie
    Has he just got back from boot camp?
  • a g.
    This is the usual way of cleaning your car boot in Germany. Have you not seen Eurotrash. It may seem like a joke, but it is real life.
  • Zachariah C.
    Meine ganz private home page im internet. Ich blogge zu allem Mist die mich stark interessieren wenn ich mal Zeit habe. Es macht mir Spaß zu schreiben und ich wäre froh wenn du die Seite ankuckst!!!

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