GCHQ accused of infecting millions with malware

15 May 2014

In EXCITING SPY NEWS, a charity is demanding an investigation into claims that GCHQ spooks deliberately infected millions of smartphones and computers with malware viruses so they could obtain sensitive information.

Government Communications Headquarters GCHQ

The charity, Privacy International (which does what it says on the tin), found evidence of tech snooping in Edward Snowden’s leaked documents, and their underhand methods were in violation of the European Convention of Human Rights.

The complaints, which run to 30 pages, called the hackers’ intelligence gathering ‘so invasive that it is incompatible with democratic principles and human rights standards’.

GCHQ spies listened into conversations, watched webcams, read texts and downloaded browser histories, and allegedly used malware to get access to data.

‘Unrestrained, unregulated Government spying of this kind is the antithesis of the rule of law and Government must be held accountable for their actions.’ Said Eric King of Privacy International, adding:

‘The hacking programmes being undertaken by GCHQ are the modern equivalent of the government entering your house, rummaging through your filing cabinets, diaries, journals and correspondence, before planting bugs in every room you enter.’

I'm sorry, but it STILL SOUNDS COOL.

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  • jim
    sounds bad to me. gchq are a private company - so god knows where all that data has been sold to now. i wouldnt trust them with my farts.
  • John
    Still sounds cool? I disagree tbh!

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