Games controllers and remotes to be controlled by wrist device?

9 October 2012

wristEver looked at a remote or joypad and thought 'I wish I didn't have to actually hold this' or something similar? Well, not only are you fantastically lazy, but you're also in luck.

That's because researchers at Newcastle Uni and Microsoft Research Cambridge (MSR) have come up with a sensor that tracks the 3D movement of the hand and allows the user to remotely control stuff.

Basically, you wear this thing on your wrist and you can control devices with a wave of your hand as it maps finger movement and orientation. Hello carpal tunnel syndrome!

David Kim, a PhD student at Newcastle University, said: ''The Digits sensor doesn't rely on any external infrastructure so it is completely mobile. 'This means users are not bound to a fixed space. They can interact while moving from room to room or even running down the street. What Digits does is finally take 3D interaction outside the living room."

''Can you imagine how much easier it would be if you could answer your mobile phone while it's still in your pocket or buried at the bottom of your bag?''

Shahram Izadi, of MSR, said: ''We had to understand our own body parts first before we could formulate their workings mathematically. We spent hours just staring at our fingers."

Are you looking forward to walking around with a future wrist-watch on or are you still waiting for hover boards?

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