Game to rise from the dead with EA lifeline?

16 April 2012

game-logoEA may be saving the world from homophobes, but they've been less considerate of the welfare of Game lately. When they pulled Mass Effect 3 and FIFA Street from the chain, it looked like it was doomed to a quick and gigantically painful death.

However, things seem to be turning around for the video game retailer.

Game looks like it'll be dodging death like Jesus for a very modern Easter miracle, with EA stocking with the company again. 600-or-so stores missed out on a load of sales when EA decided to stop doing business, but now, they're trading again and everyone is happy.

Well, anyone who remotely cares.

Game, of course, is now slimmed down and under new ownership which seems to have gone some way with patching things up with EA. The good news is, if you want Mass Effect 3, FIFA 12, SSX and Battlefield 3, they're now all going cheap in Game shops.


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  • Mary H.
    Who Gives a fuck? Trials Evolution will be out Wednesday. And that, my friends, doesn't require you to visit a GAME shop. It's Trials time Baby, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah! Fuck you and die GAME!
  • C.U.N.T
    Daft fuckers. Stop trading with GAME, make them go into administration, then start selling less copies? Typical EA Fucking dicks.
  • Kevin
    With the old Game they weren't likely to get the money for their products so they didn't give them any. With the new Game they WILL get paid so they are giving them loads. What's hard to understand about that?
  • Northern M.
    C.U.N.T. Living up to your name! If Game was on stop for overdue invoices then EA wouldn't have supplied them new stock! Simple business rule number1! If they weren't paying for the stock they had then how would they pay for the stock they were getting?
  • robstar
    It wasn’t just that they didn’t pay for the stock they had, they only wanted to pay for the stock they had sold, 3 months after it was sold.
  • Mike H.
    I thought business rule number 1 was 'know your customer'? I think you're thinking of rule number 81, 'Always keep on to of the invoices' easy mistake to make for a simpleton though, Monkey Boy.
  • SgtMunky
    EA are cunts
  • kv
    bit late now after all the Irish GAME stores are permanently closed
  • confused
    At least that Ginger c^nt in a certain cheshire store isn't there any more - but why re open the game store at the expense of the gamestation - where the staff had a clue !

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