GAME announces video game package holiday

game-logo GAME and STA Travel have teamed-up to offer the first video game package holiday, promising a four-week "Epic Gaming Adventure" which will take you to three continents, across eight different countries and 13 locations.

They say that this will be a "pilgrimage to the birthplace of gaming and visits breathtaking locations that have inspired some of the world's most famous video games".

Obviously, you won't be going to bleak planets like Dead Space or visiting Jet Set Willy's mansion. So where? Well, the trip kicks off in Edinburgh with a visit to GTA studio Rockstar North. You then head to London to visit Soho's Loading Bar (a place that is designed on gaming cafes in Tokyo) before heading off to Phuket, which is home to some of the islands that appeared in Tomb Raider Underworld.

You're then whisked off to an e-Sports Stadium in Seoul and a the Konami HQ in Tokyo, before heading of to Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Hampshire, New York, Miami and Texas, finishing up in London for something called 'a gamer disco', where you presumably get the chance to dance to the Tetris theme tune and completely fail to interact with other humans.

Oh, you also stop off in Havana and Nassau, as seen in Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. STA Travel marketing manager Neil Hassall says: "For gamers, this trip is a backstage pass to some of the most iconic settings in the world's most famous games - a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. We're delighted to be adding our travel expertise into the mix to introduce gamers to some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes and cities in the world."

Prices start from £5,500 and you can find out more about the Epic Gaming Adventure over at GAME.

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