Galaxy launches Little Treats

galaxy treat Chocolate development news now, and Mars are launching a lightweight Galaxy.

Hoping to get a slice of that 'affordable treat-sized products' market, the company have announced the 23g Galaxy Little Treat.

It should retail around 35p as opposed to 60p - for the standard 42g Galaxy.

Mars said consumers were all about the value for money these days, and the Galaxy Little Treat will fill a gap in the market for tiny ineffectual sizes of chocolate.

They're spending £11 million on this launch with ads and posters nationwide, so obviously quite keen for it go down well. Freddo is said to be having nightmares about the whole thing.

Mars' retail excellence director Tony Lorman said of the Little Treat "extends the range of one of our best-loved brands and gives consumers more choice for an affordable self-indulgence" which makes it all sound slightly unsavoury.

However Bitterwallet remain firm on the joys of a finger of Fudge, which at 20p, still out-snips Galaxy's so-called Little Treat.

We're not sure on Chomps though.


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