G+ gets a D- for blunder that axes TV royalty

19 July 2011

479860-news-file-shatner-google-20110719Google + is boldly going where no-one has gone before. Up against facebook. But make no Bones about it, G+ is looking mighty sheepish after shafting the Shatner- even if they were trying to protect him from, well, himself.

That’s right, TV royalty, 62 year old William Shatner’s legitmate Google + account was deleted yesterday for ‘violating standards’. His crime? Not overacting, his music career or being Canadian, but simply saying hello to all of his Google + people*

Some sources are suggesting that Google + assumed he was a fake Kirk, before realising their error after he tweeted about it to his 646,327 followers on Twitter, and reinstating his account before lunchtime. He then wrote on his G+ home page “"I am back plusers! I still do not know what happened but I will refrain from saying hello again for a while just in case. My best, Bill.” It remains to be seen whether G+ will live long and prosper despite this teething glitch.

So to celebrate Google +’s log, and knowing you are an Enterprising lot, we thought we’d see how many Star Trek pun comments we can get on this story. To start you off here are some examples, courtesy of News.com.au

"William Shatner boldly went where few celebs have gone — and he paid the price for it." — Mashable

"William Shatner is no doubt setting his phaser to stun after having his Google+ account deleted for 'violating standards'." — Mail Online

So come on. Stun us with your brilliance.

* does anyone know what we are supposed to call them? Friends? Followers? Circles? Shapes? Addees?

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  • Ian
    62 ? Only his hair maybe.
  • Bill
    My God, Jim! I've travelled back in time. I was 80 but now I'm 62! And I think it's gonna be a long long time, till touchdown brings me round again, to find, I'm not the man they think I am at home, I'm 18 years older.
  • Bones
    The man with three ears...a left ear....a right ear....and a final front-ear.
  • Me
    Here's a headline mofos Google shat on shitner
  • Ha B.
    Bill, I googled for the lyrics in your joke because I thought it would be funny... I still lol'ed
  • Dick
    * twats
  • Numpty D.
    It's worse than that, G+ is dead Jim
  • klingelton
    My friend, named David Cameron was banned from facebook for impersonating the prime minister. apparently sharing your name with someone famous is enough to get yourself banned.

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