Froyo fracas - who to believe, HTC or Orange?

16 September 2010

In the... well, in the Orange corner: Orange, mobile phone service provider to the masses.

In the Blue corner: HTC, Taiwan-based manufacturer of popular and very shiny smartphones.

Google recently released a new software update for mobiles using the Android operating system, Froyo 2.2. In these instances, handset manufacturers receive the OS for testing and compatibility purposes before releasing it to service providers for distribution.

In the orange corner, Orange have been set on a mid-September release because, according to Orange themselves, HTC delayed the release of Froyo 2.2 to them:

Bitterwallet - Orange / Froyo 2.2 1

This claim was repeated again at the end of August and again yesterday. However, both O2 and Vodafone have already attempted to roll out Froyo, albeit without much success. So why are HTC delaying in sending the update to Orange?

Meanwhile, back in the blue corner, HTC claim Orange have had the update just as long as the over providers. Avid Bitterwallet reader Pete contacted HTC for written confirmation of the cause of the delay:

"The upgrade is authorised for release for unbranded devices at the same time it is released to network providers. In this case, Vodafone and O2 have had the new software for the same amount of time as Orange have had.

"I apologise for the incorrect information they have given you. The software is in their hands, it is their responsibility to release it to their customers. If you have any further questions, please contact me again."

So perhaps Orange are being more rigorous in their testing, to avoid the problems that both O2 and Vodafone have had. That'd be commendable, but why not simply tell customers if that's the case, instead of pretending the manufacturer is at fault for the delay?

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  • Mit
    I also have an email from HTC saving that Orange is making up stories. If needed ask :)
  • Pob
    This is nothing new - I had HTC-made phones on Orange for years (I'm now on O2). Pretty much all of my phones (all Windows Mobile) had OS updates released by HTC, and without fail Orange was always the last operator to release them. I questioned them every time, and the response was usually "We do more rigorous testing and more customization than other networks". When I actually got the updates, they were full of orange crap and we not better than any generic one; Orange customers - use a generic update from HTC as it'll do the same stuff but without the bloat Orange add.
  • The B.
    Just debrand your phone, I did after all that Vodafone branding debacle and am happily running Froyo on my Desire.
  • The B.
    Try this, it seems easier than the gold card method (which I used): I'd recommend using one of the backup products (not HTC sync) beforehand though as it'll wipe all of your apps.
  • hju
    bob, you're a fucking legend
  • Rob
    If Orange add in all their crapwware then will root my phone but is rooting risky?
  • PeteProdge
    I'd love to debrand my HTC Desire, but I've been told it would invalidate the warranty. It has been very very tempting over the past few weeks, what with Orange lying through their teeth about these unnecessary delays.
  • Ben
    All these delays are caused by the bloody networks! It's them putting their crapwar on it, swines!
  • Nilekaw
    Have a Desire on 3 (stop laughing), it was deployed to me unbranded. Got the Froyo update as soon as it was released over the air. How can Orange not have received this update when it is readily available to the masses?
  • dhammell
    To muddy the waters further, HTC customer services sent a reply to my query about Orange placing blame on HTC for delays. They said it would be rolled out very soon, but didn't give a specific date.
  • The B.
    PeteProdge, yeah, but if you "lose" the phone and it's insured then it'll be replaced won't it? So if you do brick it, then just "lose" it.
  • maxtweenie
    T-mobile are just as slow, except they tell you fuck all, not even blaming it on HTC. Wankers.
  • having t.
    One of my friends is on Orange and he has had the 2.2 update. Maybe his phone is unbranded, have to ask where he got it from.
  • PeteProdge
    @The Real Bob I love you and I want to have your children! @having a good time Yes, unbranded HTC Desire handsets have had the 2.2 update made available for some time, no matter what network they're on.
  • Skymarshall
    I like oranges.
  • lukeyboi
    the whole thing is a joke, i have tweeted conor asking him why the update was taking longer after his latest tweet stated again that the delay was NOTHING to do with orange services on the handset, and received no reply.... i have also contacted HTC regarding this and received a reply stating its not their fault and that they are working with orange to get it sorted... i also asked them if i could have the unbranded 2.2 update, but apparantly this is impossible as if you have a branded handset you MUST have the network update... thats also a joke as it includes crap you'll never use and useless bowling demos that you cant delete!!!!!! ahhh soooo annoying they are both taking the piss!!! BW please keep pressing the issue.... the gingerbread update for android will be out soon..........
  • blagga
    @PeteProdge - unbranded my Orange desire no problems, then bricked it (my fault) and and then fixed it. It's really quite difficult to totally brick it. Also, you can re-brand later, so they'll never know. There are various guides on XDA on how to do that. Been running a stock 2.2 ROM for a while now and it's great. No uninstallable demo games in sight. Go for it!
  • Jonny S.
    Root it and flash with custom 2.2's - XDA developers website for the ROM's. I'm running a custom and it's got all the HTC shit removed on my Desire :)
  • The B.
    @PeteProdge – Much the same as Bragga I bricked it a few times too but it's actually pretty easy to follow all the instructions again. My problem is being male I didn't read the instructions, on 4 separate occasions no less, the 5th time I actually followed it to the letter and I it installed, and then it rebooted every 5 minutes, so I re-installed again and it actually worked.
  • mit
    Im in constant chat with HTC at the moment. They just asked me where I am getting my information regarding all this 'saga' is. I just sent the twitter updates by Conor to them as HTC have insisted that they are not at fault. waiting for HTC reply and will keep you guys posted
  • chadwell
    Does anyone know if a new Desire will come with 2.2 preinstalled - due for an upgrade in 3 weeks..
  • Aginoth
    on orange.... have froyo.... but then i went via to get my HTC Desire, so I could get an unlocked unbranded model
  • tiny
    @chadwell I got a brand new desire on O2 a few weeks ago and it didn't have 2.2 preinstalled, though I had no issue with the installation.
  • blagga
    @Bob. Amen on the male comment. According to my lovely (but sadly not very PC) wife "Instructions are for gays".
  • blagga
    @chadwell. Inevitably, but if not, it will be available over the air anyway, so much of a muchness.
  • PeterProdge
    Got a bit of a follow-up. It's more strange ramblings from Orange, plus HTC's growing concern on Conor Maples's highly dubious claims... @Blagga @The Real Bob Thanks for the advice, it's giving me a lot of confidence to play around with my phone this weekend. Someone has offered me a way to root the phone without invalidating the warranty. I'm curious to discover how it's possible, so I'll be giving it a go if all is legit, and writing a 'how-to' guide for non-techies.
  • The B.
    @PeterProdge, no problem, if you do run into problems just start back at the beginning, it gets infuriating, especially if you keep faffing up the same step but persist and you'll get there.
  • ButterMan sell unbranded variants on all networks, I got mine from them. What orange mean is "HTC haven't sent us a 2.2 that passes our approvals process"
  • Orange B.
    [...] already pre-loaded, as are Orange-branded versions of Windows Live Messenger and Orange Maps. Given Orange’s current track record with Android, you’d probably rather they didn’t tinker with the software too [...]
  • RoboFish
    Seems theres an update going for orange froyo now.....just downloading it now....if theyve left their bloatware on it im going to be seriously pissed

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