Friends Reunited mock Woolwich murder, while EDF attract racists

The murder in Woolwich was beyond grim, undertaken by a crazed individual using a religion as his cause, thereby damning all other Muslims for the rest of the week by blokes who have a problem with Islam. It's a sensitive, tricky issue and everyone would be well advised to take stock, have a think, and then talk.

Unless you're Friends Reunited that is, who wasted no time in getting some promotional material out on Twitter, with the body still warm on the tarmac.


Friends Reunited there, with a bizarre idea of trying to capitalise on something that was trending on the social network. Someone in the digital promo team is probably getting sacked today.

Elsewhere, the EDL were rallying their troops so they could don balaclavas and try burning down some mosques. However, as we know, the EDL aren't the brightest bunch, leaving EDF Energy explaining that they don't really have anything to do with Woolwich, apart from putting people's bills up.

Interesting use of 'regards' and 'best' to people who were declaring a civil war against brown people, but there you go.



  • Lord S.
    What a bunch of twats. Friends Reunited has been dying for years, this shows how desperate they are for attention. fortunately this might be enough to finally kill them off. Knobheads.
  • Yog S.
    We really need a site that can reminisce about the good old days when people used Friends Reunited.
  • Grammar N.
    Friends Reunited is still going?! How?!
  • Captain W.
    So Woolwich is off limits but the Holocaust is OK.
  • jim
    bloody edf – they used to come round knocking on my door with their extremist views about switching energy or some other racist crud
  • JonB
    The tweeting to @edfenergy was a joke. Have a look at the twitter accounts listed in your screenshot - @mattywatty, @joshweller and @kerihw . They were poking fun of EDL at EDF's expense.
  • Justin A.
    To be fair, it's Mof that is being sensible and appropriately sensitive about Woolwich and Lucy that was cack-handed over the Holocaust. But you're right if you mean that the overall editorial BW tone is uneven.
  • oliverreed
    Friends Reunited mentioned Woolwich, a recent topical event. BW made a comparison to the Holocaust, something that although a tragic series in history none us of lived through it. Don't like it here - just fuck off, so very simple.

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