French anti-piracy chiefs steal typeface for logo


The French have been getting les knickeurs in a real twist of late over internet piracy, with a ‘three strikes’ law now on the statute book meaning that repeat offenders can lose their online access if they’re caught doing the naughty downloads on un deux trois occasions.

The French government have even set up a ‘web police’ department, Hadopi, designed to stamp out illegal downloading, file-sharing and other such jiggery-pokery. Earlier this week, they gave Hadopi a ‘face’ – a logo, presumably designed to strike fear into the minds of pirates.

The trouble was, within a few hours, someone cried ‘Merde!’ when they realised that the logo’s typeface had been half-inched without permission from France Telecom, who had exclusive rights to it. Zut alors!

The design agency behind the logo fessed up, blaming it on some kind of oversight, while the original designer of the typeface is threatening to sue the government, hopefully out of spite more than anything else.

What a beautiful story.


  • Irony
  • French
    French...enough said.
  • dunfyboy
    If not proof of god, at least proof of karma. Get it up ye!
  • barry w.
    This makes me want to sh1t
  • Junkyard
    For god's sake, they've already said it's some kind of oversight. That makes everything alright, so leave them alone!
  • charitynjw
    Bain Marie, Rodders, Bain Marie
  • Kevin
    I hope they do take them to caught and cripple them with a massive award.

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