Free WiFi on the high street, thanks to Skype

3 October 2012

Bitterwallet Skype iPhone app bannedSkype has penned an agreement with someone called Wicoms to get free WiFi in British shops. And that's absolutely free to users, who will log in with Skype IDs to get free internet access on their phones and tablets.

"Our partnership with Wicoms enhances our ability to make Skype universally accessible and expands on our WiFi strategy, which today provides paid WiFi access at over one million locations worldwide," Skype Access programme manager Shadi Mahassel said in a statement.

Presumably, businesses will want in on this in the hope that they'll get increased footfall and that they'll be able to target offers and deals to visiting customers directly to their handsets.

Wicoms managing director Owen Geddes says that this will help "brick-and-mortar retailers effectively compete with online retailers", adding: "By [providing] Free Skype WiFi on-premise, business owners and high street retailers can open a dialogue with potential customers and encourage sales conversion with the power of the mobile phone."

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  • Mr. C.
    So what they're doing is providing an internet connection so you can go to a shop, look at an item and decide it's the one you want, then search for it online, and buy it cheaper? Smart...
  • Van
    Mr Creosote, speak to any brick and mortar store in the current economic climate, the'll be happy to see some traffic. I think this is a good idea. Now they need rents and rates to drop and the UK in particular to shake up the attitude of young retail staff and quality of service.
  • Dick
    I remember Borders. Somewhere warm in the evening to hang out while waiting for a train and look at what you wanted to buy from Amazon.
  • Sawyer
    Free WiFi is great. But its value to consumers is pretty low, unless you're going to provide an environment to sit down and chill out while you use it, a la Borders or Starbucks. Requiring a login screen to gain access is going to be a barrier to most users who just want to quickly google something of minimal importance.
  • OFI
    @Mr. Creosote That is exactly what I thought when GAME announced they would be adding free wifi recently!
  • Be y.
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