Free WiFi on Red Funnel ferries

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Going to the Isle of Wight for your jollies? Well, if you travel with ferry company Red Funnel, you'll be able to have free WiFi over summer, which is just grand.

The company says that they're going to be offering improved connectivity and greater bandwidth, which they're providing thanks to a fivefold increase in demand.

So, if you want to Instagram pictures of the sea, or want to livetweet someone who has appalling sea-sickness, ralfing their guts up over the side of the ship, you don't have to worry about your signal dropping out.

Red Funnel say they've made a "significant investment" in all this, with the number of wireless access points being increased.

Marketing and communications director Jonathan Green said: "Following extensive trials, we are delighted to be launching our new on-board WiFi service to coincide with the start of the school holidays."

“We are particularly pleased to have overcome the technical challenges of providing a robust connection to our high-speed vessels which is a technical first on the Solent and great news for Red Funnel’s 1.1 million Red Jet customers.”

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