Free WiFi in Debenhams

OUKBS-UK-DEBENHAMSYou may only go in Debenhams to use the toilets in there (it's the posh version of a McDonald's 'McPiss'), but now you can blag free WiFi from them as well!

The chain’s 167 stores will now have free WiFi thanks to a partnership with O2. Of course, this is designed to 'enhance your shopping experience', enabling you to order items for home delivery and check sizes while in store, or whatever.

You'll be looking a smut no doubt.

Debenhams will promote this new service and their app to customers over the coming weeks and will be trying to tie the online experience together with the retail slog. So, away from checking availability of products and scanning barcodes, discount vouchers will also be available on the app, not to mention a store guide, designed to help you find things more easily.

O2 WiFi MD Gavin Franks said: “We are delighted to add Debenhams to our growing portfolio. Debenhams has realised the power of using in-store connectivity as a basis to bring innovative services to customers. This marks a continuation of our fresh thinking that has seen the rapid growth of O2 Wi-Fi.”

Debenhams director Simon Foster added: “We’re seeing the shape of shopping in the future emerging right before our eyes. With over one million customers already with our app on their phones, free Wi-Fi in stores has the potential to transform how people shop.”


  • Michael J.
    Thank god they're not using BT Openzone like John Lewis are. Takes ages to sign up and it barely even functions on most phones.
  • Mike H.
    Good, now all the homeless with iPads and student hippies can move in!
  • Kevin
    At last there will be more o2 wifi hotspots. Pretty useles atm considering the only hotspots in Cambridge are the O2 stores themselves!
  • Phil K.
    The toilets in Newcastle Debenhams is on the topmost floor, and while immaculate, you think "Why on the topmost bloody floor ?"
  • Inconvenience
    If the toilets are to far I always find the changing booths are situated on all floors.

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