Free WiFi being rolled out to train stations

27 March 2013

Microsoft have teamed-up with The Cloud to offer unlimited free WiFi at a number of railway stations across the UK, which will hopefully lower a few mobile and tablet bills.

There'll be no restrictions on how much data you transfer and you'll be able to surf for as long as you please, which is a huge improvement on the cruddy services which ask for payment details or give you 15 minute slots.

Basically, The Cloud are able to remove time limits because the non-restricted service is being sponsored by Microsoft as they try and push Office 365.

"This campaign is designed to help commuters tap into new ways of working. The mobile workforce is constantly growing and, as such, so is the need to access mobile internet," says Phillipa Snare, chief marketing officer at Microsoft's UK division. "Having free WiFi available is key to this because it enables people to get online quickly and easily as they travel. Simply put, our aim in sponsoring unlimited free Wi-Fi is to ensure users are able to work from anywhere – in the office, at home and in between."

There's no word on which stations will be getting this service as yet, other than it will cover "selected Network Rail stations."

Vince Russell, The Cloud's managing director, said "In sponsoring free WiFi at these stations, Microsoft is supporting the modern, mobile worker and ultimately helping boost productivity in UK businesses."

Download things from torrents at train stations and see how many letters they get telling them off for misuse.

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  • Idi A.
    National Rail and Microsoft: two of the country's favouritest, most cuddly companies working in perfect harmony for their (selected) customers' benefit. Everybody say "Awww".
  • Kevin
    Somehow I don't think torrent sites are permitted on free wifi. So make sure you do it through an app ;)
  • Rick R.
    Unsecured WiFi FTW!
  • Raggedy
    Cunning plan. A transparent attempt to make the time disappear while you're waiting for your delayed train. Again.

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