Free LG smartwatch with LG G Flex 2

13 March 2015

There's people who really don't see the point in smartwatches. We know this because they talk about smartwatches more than any other human on Earth.

For those quietly interested in such a thing, who just so happen to be looking at getting a new phone - here's a thing you should know about.

If you're eyeing up a new LG G Flex 2 curved smartphone, then you might want to look at Vodafone's deal where you get the phone bundled with a free LG G Watch R. You'll need to sign up for a monthly contract on Red 4G.


Of course, if the idea of signing up with Vodafone and having a curved mobile makes you vomit into your lap, then this deal won't be for you. However, this isn't a bad way of getting into wearable technology if you don't want to fork out for a separate watch or whatever.

However, the cost of the actual G Flex 2 plans are quite pricey, so weigh that up first. 4G tariffs start at £39.50 per month (with an extra £19 for the hardware) which comes with unlimited minutes and texts, 4GB of 4G data.

If that all sounds like a complete swizz, then you'll have to wait until prices start dropping on smartwatches when the competition heats up around Christmas 2015.

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