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29 March 2011

Bitterwallet - O2 will unlock the iPhoneO2 are offering you lucky plebs shorter, 12-month contracts if you pay monthly. For the first time, they're offering internet tethering as part of your data allowance. There's no extra cost for this. Yes. They seem to be doing something nice (on the surface at least - they're probably flogging dogs in a yard with the buckle end of their belts or something equally heinous*).

The company now has 12-month contracts available in response to demand, but alas, if you're after a short-term contract on an Android or iPhone or something, you'll need to be an existing customer looking at getting an upgrade.

And the internet tethering is part of your data allowance, which is good as it previously cost you £7.65 for the bolt-on.

Alas, you actually have to sign-up for a new contract for these offers as it isn't available in existing data allowance packages.

*Lawyers - this is clearly a joke.


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  • David
    Now, I may be wrong in the way tethering works. But surely if you've got a data/internet plan on your phone already you shouldn't be required to pay extra to use tethering as you're using the same internet service, just in a different way.
  • Bazinga
    I think it just means they're charging you more overall.
  • Bazinga
    I do, however, approve of them not advertising unlimited data.
  • Daedalus
    Have you seen the phone prices on the 12 month option thought? They're beyond laughable. Think I'm joking? They want £14.99 upfront on the 12 month contracts for a phone that costs £12.99 on pay as you go. Seriously.
  • Richard
    tethering on a 500mb internet allowance? thanks o2
  • crap
    Just got off the phone to o2. Basically, not worth me coming off my 1 month rolling simplicty tariff from 2009, as I benefit from UNLIMITED POWERRRR (data for all you non star wars people) with my free BOLTONNN (bo selecta). I'm paying £20 for 700 mins 1400 text and UNLIMITED POWER on a rolling contract, pretty sweet when iPhones decide to have a new shell every year. No "new" tariffs come close to this, also a bummer is that MMS dont count as 4 SMS for new customers now.
  • Alan
    I'm currently on a £15/m simplicity tariff which has a 500MB monthly allowance (well, actually I get unlimited for some reason, but don't tell O2 that). If I want tethering now I can pay £7.50 (£22.50 total for the less avid readers) If I move to a new contract and want the same 500MB, it's £21.50 from the outset. I admit, it is £1 less, but really, when they're making out it's free?? Do they really think people can't figure out it's £6.50 more than they already pay?
  • spiderstu
    @alan actually, you'll be paying £1 less but for much less data - with the new tariff you'll be capped to 1GB rather than the unlimited data you appear to have now.

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