Free internet for everyone via 4G mobile network?

internetFree internet sounds nice doesn't it? Unless you live next door to a pub and know their password, chances are, you won't get a connection for nothing.

However, free web and free calls on your mobile is being promised by one network and they're under the impression that other networks will follow the free model trend too.

"In a few years Internet access as a paid service won't exist any more', says the possibly mental Rodion Shishkov, of the VP Services of 4G telecoms company Yota.

"Rather than collect subscriptions from customers providers will make their money by charging third parties to use their networks to offer services to consumers like banking, music and video."

Shishkov adds that Yota, which has 4G networks in Russia and South America (launching in loads more places next year) will pioneer the free web in the next couple of years.

4G offers consumers data download speeds of up to 100 Mbps which pisses on 3G networks and should predictions that people will replace home broadband systems with 4G accessing tablets, laptops and phones come true, then networks could well offer consumer web access for free.

Initially, the free web will be rolled out in developing markets like Russia, Brazil, India and Africa, but it could easily stretch beyond that once the big guns get a sniff of what is going on.

Tech Digest note that Samsung and LG will offer LTE 4G phones in 2011 and that there are also rumours that the next generation of iPhone will be compatible with 4G networks.


  • Nick T.
    In 1968, my gas fire was converted by Press from town gas to North Sea gas. The engineer told me that natural gas would be so cheap that they might not even charge for it, but make their profit on selling services instead. So excuse me for chortling at the prospect of free internet. What, like freeserve you mean? If providers can charge the public for something AND get money from "third parties to use their networks", they will, because that's two revenue streams for the price of one. In fact they might add another stream by charging you mug punters extra NOT to receive advertising, like Spotify. But in the mean time, if you do live next door to a pub the login is usually "admin" and try the name of the pub as the password.
  • Phill
    Mmm Freeserve was "free" all other ISP charged subs and the phone bill at the time Freeserve broke the mold. We benefit from cheap ISP's in this country they where at the forefront of that.
  • Will
    Charging websites for providing information is a Bad Thing. That means big corporations would be able to rake in the customers, whereas non-profit and personal websites, such as Wikipedia or your favourite blog, would not be able to afford it.
  • -]
    Freeserve wasn't the first free ISP, they were just one of the first big names to do it. There had even been a tiny free 0800 provider before freeserve, although they relied on advertising software being installed on the PC.

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