Free calls to landlines and mobiles with Gmail

26 August 2010

Google can't sit still can they? They seem to have the line of thinking that, if you throw enough shit at a wall, some of it is bound to stick. However, it's still shit on a wall.

After the failure of Google Wave and the nonplussed reaction to Buzz, Google are now getting into the free phone calls business via Gmail. This basically puts it in direct competition with Skype. You could already have computer-to-computer voice and video chat, but this new service allows you to make calls to home and mobile phones.

For the time being, Google have only rolled this out in the US and Canada but it will almost certainly roll this out around the rest of the world in no time.

"If you’re not a US based user - or if you’re using Google Apps for your school or business - then you won’t see it quite yet," reads an announcement on the Google blog. "We’re working on making this available more broadly - so stay tuned!"

Here's a little video to watch, just in case your brain can't possibly fathom how you could ring a mobile telephone from a computer.


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  • Nobby
    Any news on googlewank yet? Having to find my own porn is getting tiresome.
  • Ste
    I'm a UK gmail user and the 'phone' option appeared on my account yesterday - maybe its creeping over here early...
  • Matt
    Yeah, i've got a UK gmail account and I have the 'call' option in my Chat list now.. Free calls to US is useful though!!
  • Ben
    I've got it, and video calling. I set my gmail up originally at the US site though (I had a, not a address) not sure if that makes a difference. Video calling is smooth. Haven't tried calling UK contacts yet.
  • Google B.
    [...] it was VOIP calls through Gmail, while today it’s a stand-alone place for their ‘Real Time’ search engine. That’s the [...]
  • Mandie M.
    Quite so.
  • mike s.
    catch u later.

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