Free 2GB of storage from Google

10 February 2016

GoogleDriveLogo-02062013 If you're a customer of Google, be it a Gmail user or enjoy the fruits of Google's Drive storage, then you're allow 2GB of free storage if you want it.

How do you get it? Well, every year, Google ask you to go a security check-up and, today, you can get the free storage just by doing it. Very handy.

Once you've done your security check, you'll see that two gig of additional storage will have been automatically added to your account.

Of course, doing these checks is rather useful itself, and worth doing from time-to-time. At least when you do it now, you'll get a reward. It shouldn't take very long - ours took under a minute to do. You can check that the correct gadgets are accessing your profile (so it'll tell you which phone, which tablet, which computer, or whatever, is using your Google account). This means you can nix anything dodgy, but chances are, it'll be fine, you'll press okay on everything and get free stuff!

If you want the free 2GB of storage, click here, and once you've signed-in and clicked a few buttons, you're away! Free stuff is good.

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  • Bonobo
    You get 15Gb free space anyway, and have done for years.

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