Forget the reptilian overlords, Icke - Google are coming for you!

It's true! As this video undeniably proves, Google are relentless and will continue until puny insects like you have been obliterated from the face of the planet.

Alas, any serious intent behind the animation's message is subsequently quashed by an overwhelming fanboy urge at the end:


  • zacspeed
    still a better search engine than fucking bing though!
  • Idon'twantthatThankYou!
    That's why I always search using:
  • snoogans81
    That just makes me like google even more frankly.
  • Jack
    Why use Scroogle? You must be an utter fucking twat - why oh why would you do that? Just fuck off. Google is an awesome company, and target ads at us that we want to see related to what we like, and provide us with mail, calender, documents, maps, web browser and are developing an OS. They have also developed an amazing mobile operating system. If you don't like Google, you are one click away from another search engine. If you don't like the ads they serve, you are a few clicks away from an ad blocker (I have one installed, but don't block ads on sites I use regularly, as they need an income). I hate it when people moan about Google. They are huge company yes, they know a lot of information about us yes, but this information isn't personally identifiable with an individual, and even if it was, who fucking cares. If you hate Google, GTFO - and stop using their products, otherwise you are a little fucking prick of a hypocrite. Google are an awesome company

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