Forget Facebook photos. Literally.

10 December 2013

Are you one of those people who can’t let a dinner or a sunset or a fleeting bloody moment pass without taking a photo of it and putting it on Facebook for the world to see? Well, you might be suffering from ‘photo-taking impairment effect.’

Yes, that’s actually a thing. A new psychological study by Linda Henkel of Fairfield University in Connecticut has proved that when we take a photo of something, our useless potato brains fail to fully experience it, and it has a detrimental effect on memories.

In one of Henkel’s studies, she took a tour of a museum with her students, who were asked to make notes by either taking photos of objects or just looking at them. The students who relied on their cameras to document everything remembered arse all. Whereas the ones who looked with their EYES remembered more. However, interestingly, if the students zoomed in on a specific detail of the object, their memories were intact. The zoom, it seems, literally helps the brain to focus.

But the general verdict is this: actually look at what’s in front of you, otherwise your life will be a digital archive of terrible selfies and ‘huh? Where was that?’ moments.

It’s what we’ve suspected all along, really. But the next time you’re at a gig and some risible moustachioed cock-knocker is filming it on his iPad, you can legitimately give him a kick in the nuts and destroy his tablet, because it’s good for his BRAIN.

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