For the love of God, please buy our wine, insist Virgin Wines

We all have a level of tolerance for unexpected emails; if it's a service we subscribed to, then that tolerance is reasonably high. That said, whenever you tick (or untick) the relevant box on the registration page, there's still usually some wording that suggests any emails you receive will be sent sparingly.

Virgin Wines is different. You don't subscribe to their marketing emails; there's no option to choose either way - instead they're bundled up in the terms and conditions:

From time to time, Virgin Wine Online Ltd may send information about discounts, free stuff and personalised offers on wine and champagne, including Cloudy Bay and exclusive deals, unless you have told us not to do so by emailing us at [email protected]

So you have to opt-out, rather than choose to opt-in. Oh well, at least they're only sending you emails from time to time. Except in our case, that means three emails a week:

Bitterwallet - Virgin Wines email 1
Bitterwallet - Virgin Wines email 2
Bitterwallet - Virgin Wines email 1

That's rather a lot of emails insisting we buy their wine. We wouldn't mention it, but when they're emails we didn't choose to receive and are being sent three times a week, we certainly take notice of their spammy tactics.


  • Nobby
    Why not set up a filter that redirects them to [email protected] and deletes them from your email. It's what I do with them.
  • Roy W.
    I made a virgin whineeee
  • dunfyboy
    Virgin's one of the company's that's on my shit list. And not because Branson's a twat. Although he is.
  • Andy B.
  • Virgin B.
    [...] the love of sweet baby Jesus. So only yesterday, we pointed out how Virgin Wines abuse their registration process by forcing new customers to [...]

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