First look at Microsoft's Spartan

Well now, we all get the chance to look at Microsoft's new browser - called Spartan for the minute - as an image of it has been put online.

A screenshot was been published by BGR and isn't exciting at all, unless you've got a kink for browsers, which some people probably have. It is thought that Spartan is a compliment, rather than a replacement for Internet Explorer.


As you can see, it all looks incredibly minimal and has some big buttons for navigation and the like. One thing we noticed was, at either side of the address bar, there's the back/forward buttons, which look nice enough.

According to BGR, this screenshot is an older version of Spartan, which means the one that gets released should be a fair bit nicer on the eye. That said, this is Microsoft - they could easily balls everything up at any given point.

Interestingly enough, it is thought that this new browser will utilise voice commands, which will be useful on mobile platforms and on an Xbox that's rigged up to Kinect. Spartan will also be able to run different browsers "inside it, with the push of a button".

So there you have it. Are Microsoft getting back into the game with this, or is it a thing that'll be ignored because you're perfectly happy with Safari or Chrome or whatever it is you use?


  • earthzero
    Actually, I'm perfectly happy with Internet Explorer 11. Super fast and fantastic on battery life. I imported all of my bookmarks from Chrome an Firefox and never looked back on my Surface Pro 3. I only occasionally open Chrome on the desktop now when multitasking and using multi-window because the desktop version of IE is actually less touch friendly to a high degree than Chrome is. This is the only thing that I hope Microsoft improves on in Windows 10 for browsing--make the desktop version of IE just as touch friendly as the "modern version" or settle on the modern version, with all its capabilities, speed and efficiency, for all use cases (including windowed mode). If that's the end result of Spartan, then more power to them.
  • Russell H.
    Is Microsoft naming all their new products after characters from Halo? First Cortana as their windows phone version of Siri, now Spartan. Will their new operating architecture be called Covenant?

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