Firefox to give true stealth mode?

17 August 2015

firefox People can get very jumpy about how private their browsing habits are, and most browsers are walking the tightrope of pleasing their board who want all the money that comes from tracking you, and not completely angering users.

With Apple and Google jostling for the top spot, former favourite Firefox, from Mozilla, is looking at ways of getting people back on their team, by making private browsing truly private.

Mozilla are testing out enhancements to private browsing in Firefox, designed to block website elements that could be employed by third parties to track your behaviour across sites. While most browsers have an option called 'Do Not Track' or similar, they don't really mean it and you end up getting tracked all the same.

This tool will block things like analytics firms and ad networks, and stop them from keeping tabs on your cookies and the like. It is available from the Firefox Developer Edition on Windows, Mac and Linux, and Firefox Aurora on Android, Mozilla and you can find out more about it here.

It is not even reached Beta mode yet, so don't expect too much.

"We've worked with developers and created a process that attempts to verify that add-ons installed in Firefox meet the guidelines and criteria we've developed to ensure they're safer for you," Mozilla said.

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