Finally, you can get stinking baked beans all over your computer

In the third series of the peerless 30 Rock, Alec Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy is tasked with coming up with a name for a brand new portable microwave that his company have developed. In the end, it is christened the ‘Fun Cooker’ and surely no offence can be caused if someone gets muddled while saying that in a hurry.

Of course, you cry, part of the joke is that a portable microwave is surely the stuff of fiction! Oh, you bloody well think so do you? Well someone had better get round to the Heinz HQ and tell them the news because they’re hell-bent on this – the USB-powered desk microwave, known better as the Beanzawave. Oh yes.

Developed in association with their Snap Pots range of beans, it’s just a prototype at the moment. But, if customer demand is high enough and the cost of components fall, bringing the proposed price of the Beanzawave down from its current £100, then it’s all systems go and there’ll soon be a microwave on every British office desk.

It looks like the sort of thing that Sir Alan Sugar might happily knock together, albeit with the ability to send and receive emails at the same time. But is it enough? Which cumbersome everyday item would YOU like to see shrinkified and popped on your desk beside you? And if anyone says ‘dildo’ we’re shutting this whole blog down. Okay?



  • Steve
    My Mrs.... with an additional mute button though
  • Francis R.
    Great, now I will be able to smell the fucking things cooking as well as the farts produced later, thanks Heinz
  • Francis R.
    ...Oh, and a USB Dildo please, not for personal use, but for the office 'ladies' as I amunable to satisfy them whilst working (read, posting comments on BW all day)
  • Dan

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