FBI to turn the internet off or something...

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An event is happening on the 9th of July and, to be perfectly honest, we're ferociously confused about it all. Apparently, for thousands of people, the internet will turn off. Like there's a big on/off switch for the whole thing.

It has been reported that around 350,000 PC users have machines infected with a Trojan virus called DNSChanger, which is buggering things up and, when the FBI detected it, they set up 'surrogate' servers to keep these diseased PCs working. However, this is costing the FBI so much money, they're pulling the plug on the whole thing. On the 9th of July.

These servers were created to allow companies to remove the virus from their infected servers and those with the Trojan had 120 days to find it and kill it. Companies, it seems, are on top of it, leaving around 350,000 machines with this bug, mostly in the hands of private individuals. 200,000 of these machines are in the UK.

"If we just pulled the plug on their criminal infrastructure, the victims were going to be without internet service,' said Tom Grasso.

The malware is effective because it stops people from visiting the sites that can help remove the worm. If this doesn't get sorted, then RT report that 'millions of people' could be without the Internet.

Quite why, we're not sure. The whole thing sounds ludicrous and unlikely, but we're paranoid and jumpy so don't know whether to mock or have a gigantic breakdown.


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    The whatever rack injures a leaning partner !
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    What the phuck will we do if we can't post humerous comments on Bitter Wallet?

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