Faster WiFi imminent, as Ofcom open airwaves

Faster WiFi

Everyone wants faster WiFi, mainly so they can download things more quickly, and avoid the dreaded buffering when they're streaming movies on Netflix, or what have you.

Well, good news! Ofcom are planning to open up more of the airwaves, and are prising open an extra sub-band for WiFi use.

The regulator is saying that it will improve the quality of service for everyone, especially if you're using things that are heavy on the bandwidth. Great news if you're watching to watch high-definition videos and the like.

It's important that this happens, as the 2.4 GHz band is getting clogged up as more and more UK routers are needing it.

With newer routers, they can use the old spectrum, but also, the 5 GHz band which is more open, and not as congested. Ofcom are wanting to open up a sub-band within this range for WiFi.

Philip Marnick, from Ofcom, says: "People are placing greater demands on their broadband, so we need to ensure they aren't let down by their wireless connection."

"We also want to close the gap between advertised speeds and the wireless performance that people and businesses actually receive. So we're exploring ways to open up more airwaves for WiFi."

"In the meantime, people can check their router is up to date, and use our WiFi Checker app to test if it's working properly."

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