Farmville is great for getting money out of your government

Bitterwallet - Farmville Would you like to get money for nothing out of your government? You could try and recreate the scam undertaken by some Farmville fans in Romania, who managed to con more than £400,000 in subsidies out of their government for their fake farms.

Of course, the government caught wind of it all and stopped payments, however, that isn't the end of the tale as the faux-farmers are now suing.

The eight men claimed to be in possession of 1,860 cows and received roughly £100 per animal over three years.

The Farmvillites say they weren't told the farms had to be real when they applied and are taking their case to court, where a drunk old judge will no doubt irritate himself half stupid because he has to spend time finding out what the internet is before proceeding with the case.

So, seeing as the government Autumn statement means you'll have to work 'til you die, you may as well try and blag them out of some money for your pretend animals.

Let us know how you get on.


  • klingelton
  • Fagin
    Thank god the majority of Romanian gypsies keep old tradition alive by insisting that every child learns how to pick a pocket (or two) instead of resorting to playing farmville on their stolen phones (you've got to pick a pocket or two, oi) ...though I expect they are claiming an EU grant for this also under a heritage payment scheme with a paid for tour of uk cities demonstrating their skills.
  • Charles
    If this goes to trial and the fauxfarmers win, I bet the government will use eminent domain to seize their fauxfarms.

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