Fancy 'dating' a gamer?

17 July 2012

Shag A GamerPeople who play video games, eh? They need all the help they can get when it comes to getting their leg over right? Even though the gaming industry is just about the biggest entertainment industry on Earth and the image of the portly, pasty, onanistic joystick twiddler is about as up-to-date as the idea that everyone who uses the internet lives in their mum's basement.

Either way, there's a new site that's been launched called Shag A Gamer, which as the title confirms, is not a dating site. Dating sites are for people who want a relationship away from their cats and loneliness induced alcoholism, while this is clearly all about NSA.

Shag A Gamer has been launched by the folks behind Date A Gamer. They realised that people were using the site for drive-by humps, rather than the quest for long walks, picnics and a GSOH.

"It got us thinking that, perhaps by providing a platform where geeks and gamers over the age of 18 could arrange to meet up and get it on, we could help people who may feel uneasy in social situations, find someone and get some action," said Date A Gamer boss Tom Thurlow. "People were using the Date a Gamer site to meet up for sex anyway, but this way they have a space where they can do this more openly in an arena they are comfortable in, in other words, online."

"We're all adults and by using this platform all members know what they are there for and the activity is far more transparent," he added.

Like most irritating dating sites, browsing is free but to actually use it like a social networking portal, it'll cost £19.95 per month or £90 for a year. Or, you could just use Twitter, for free.


  • amazon z.
    current subscribers 31,812 teenagers, a lesbian and Patrick Moore.
  • Paul G.
    Teenagers you say? How young are we talking here?
  • bloodr0se
    Yes, because the women on there will look like the ones in that picture..... I'll take Patrick Moore please.
  • Bob
    Cheaper to nip to town on a Friday or Saturday night and pull one of the drunk women staggering out of the nightclubs.
  • Hands S.
    @bob you misspelled "rape"
  • Patrick M.
    Mmmmm....steadily working my way through the, what? Lesbian wasn't bad once I showed her my telescope, eh, what?
  • Sicknote
    Gamers are far too busy eating Doritos and wanking to even consider dating a living breathing woman.
  • Chewbacca
    I wouldn't mind a bit of the bloke in the pic, phwoooar!
  • winking g.
    @sicknote. I don't eat doritos, what you on about ?

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