Fancy a £49 smart lightbulb that you control with your mobile?

30 October 2012

lightbulbWe've all been there. Staring directly at a lightblub and cursing that the switch for it is arrogantly on the wall, out of arm's reach. Mercifully, someone has come up with a smartbulb which you can control with your phone.

You lazy, lazy bastard.

These bulbs will cost £179 for a starter pack, and that'll include broadband connection equipment and three bulbs that will screw into existing sockets while using 20%% of the energy of stupidbulbs. You'll be able to turn smartbulbs on and off with your phone, as well as adjusting the brightness from anywhere in the world!


Philips claims that the new 50W LED bulbs will give property owners the chance to deter burglars with this technology and they'll be available exclusively from Apple Stores.

Philips add that users can "tune shades of white light or create any colour" and that settings can be saved so that users can recreate "scenes" called 'LightRecipes' which will help you "relax, read, concentrate or energise".

Oddly, reading that has had precisely the opposite effect.

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  • Big D.
    "available exclusively from Apple Stores" Well, those sheep will buy any old over-priced tat...
  • Milky
    Philips you produce some decent bulbs but partnering up with apple, whoever did that needs shooting, you've sunk even lower in my estimation, I still have a hard time with your brand over the forced labour from ww2, now you join forces with another bunch of nazi's ...history repeating I think! Arseholes to you.
  • Ash
    If people keep wanting to opt into lifestyle choices that will make them lazy, fat and weak - both physically and psychologically, then I'm not going to complain. They're just making life easier for the rest of us. As always guys, love the tone :)
  • Inspector G.
    Humans, the race that has mastered the remote control lightbulb, but not the ability to stop killing each other in the name of an imaginary deity.
  • Wongaporkpies
    Hoaw many apple fans does it take to change a lightbulb? None cause they are all queuing outside of an Apple Store for 24hrs before general sale
  • Stringer B.
    Apple are shite, LED lights are shite, its all gone to shit.
  • Claire B.
    Isn't this just a copy of the LIFX bulb that was on Kickstarter? Except the LIFX does a lot more...
  • Smart M.
    [...] the comments on the Telegraph article on the bulbs, or for a more irreverent view, check out Bitterwallet’s thoughts. For starters, despite the electricity savings claimed (they use 20% of the electricity of standard [...]

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