Families gather round a warm iPad

The 1950s are back, but instead of huddling around a steadily overheating Rediffusion telly watching a potters wheel, modern families are experiencing the warm glow of togetherness with iPads.

family tablet

Ofcom claims that tablets have become an ‘electronic babysitter’ and that 91% of parents who own iPads have given it to their children to entertain them.

Ofcom’s annual Communications Market Report also highlights a trend toward families gathering together in the living room to vacantly stare at various technologies, including laptops, the TV and smartphones.

In fact, the living room TV - which was previously thought to be becoming obsolete - is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, with 91% of adults saying they regularly watched programmes with others. Sales of HD TVs have been partly responsible for this trend, which has brought people back to the bosom of the plasma screen.

We’re also doing some serious living room multitasking, updating social media, streaming videos, shopping and generally messing about on the Internet – while the TV burbles in the background. This pleasing family tableau might not include actually talking to each other, but at least we're sitting in the same room.

As the old saying goes – the family who live tweets the Apprentice while designing Nike ID trainers and playing Angry Birds together, stays together. Awww.


  • JonB
    I bought a couple of £30 Android tablets to entertain my kids on car journeys. It's the best £60 I've spent on tech. Who needs an extensive in-car video system when each child can play whatever they want on their own tablet?
  • zeddy
    @JonB: It depends on how expensive the extensive in-car video system is.
  • Natty
    ^ This is why I come to BW, you just wouldn't have considered that a really expensive/extensive in-car video system might be better than a couple of £30.00 tabs. and as a bonus you can use this theory to pretty much cover any item, fucking genius.
  • Dick
    I find it funny that the kids are watching granny porn on their tablets while sitting in the same room as their granny, who is watching teen porn on hers.

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