Fake TweetDeck update distributes malware

31 August 2010

twitter_logoTwitter is either that thing you hate because it's filled with people talking about their lunch or, it's that thing you love because no-one really talks about what they're having for their lunch.

Regardless, thanks to increasing popularity, the nasty internet villains have started to move in on it to peddle bad-shit. The latest hack focuses on compromised Twitter accounts which are being used to post links to an exploit portal that poses as a download site for an update to TweetDeck, according to The Reg.

Some users will have got a message that says "Critical tweetdeck update Bank Holiday" and the update will see you slapped virtually around the face with a shed-load of malware. It's reported that Twitter is in the process of resetting the passwords of compromised accounts which are dishing out these dodgy links, however,  TweetDeck are shrugging their shoulders and simply nodding and pointing toward its website for patches.

Oh. And you know that Bitterwallet has a Twitter account as well? No? Well click here to follow it, then.


  • PokeHerPete
    Anyone who got their account hijacked deserves it, they were only going to use it to twet about justin bieber anyway.
  • The B.
    Who uses Twitter apart from Stephen Fry, advertisers and people that work in "new media"?
  • akiss
    I had beans on toast, the bread was slightly stale....and I had one black bean. I didn't eat that bean. I put it in the bin. I like bins. I like this blog.
  • akiss
    PS. I had a cup of tea after to wash it down. The tea bag went in the bin. Did I say I like bins?
  • issac h.
    Foxes like bins too

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