Facebook want to take over Android

2 April 2013

Rapacious Facebook are about to make an announcement that may irritate Android users endlessly, as the social network aims to make Android smartphones their bitch.

Zuckerberg's company are all set to announce a new HTC phone that comes loaded with a Facebook app which will be ever-present on the homescreen. Tough titty if you don't have a Facebook account. The app will just sit their, grating your nerves.

This new app will be able to sit permanently on your homescreen, as well as have the ability to turn off your lock screen, inspect other apps on your phone, alter your system settings, change WiFi connections, launch at phone startup and create windows that float above any other you're running on your Android phone. Basically, Facebook will be able to prioritise itself over anything else on your device.

Sounds dreadful doesn't it?

Initially, this is going to happen solely on mid-range HTC handsets, but obviously, thanks to FB's nature, it'll only be a matter of time before they try and roll this out across the board, which will make iPhones gurgle with smug glee.

The announcement is to be made on Thursday.


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  • Lord S.
    For fuck's sake Mof - Spelling! There, Their, They're
  • Wavydavy
    Jailbreak the phone & remove all the unwanted shit
  • JonB
    "Facebook want to take over Android" should read "Facebook want to take over HTC Android". I'm also guessing this won't affect HTC's Windows 8 phones?
  • Kev
    I wish Fakebook would fuck off.
  • Ian
    No doubt it will also leave Google phones vanilla Android untouched, and be coded out of the often-superior custom builds. Not taking over Android at all, in fact. I remember when HTC phones were good. Even their Android skin (HTC Sense) used to be quite decent. This new development sounds horrendous - can you imagine it forcing popups of someone telling you they're bored, or what they've just had for dinner, or just been to the gym, every 5 seconds? Fuck that.
  • Colin
    Am I missing something? Facebook seem to have teamed up with HTC to do this on one phone, not the whole android range, or the whole HTC range even. Not even the mid range ones, just one. Exceptional reporting from Mof 'I talk a pile of shite' Gimmers
  • Karl P.
    This reporter it spouting pure bs, its on A SINGLE PHONE, no range, no htc or android takeover, ITS GOING TO BE CALLED THE FACEBOOK PHONE. so why shouldnt the idiots who buy such a phone be entitled to unparalleled annoyance by facebook, its what they are buying! normal people wont be buying this phone lol once again, this mof person is spreading utter carp
  • Dr Z.
    @Lord Snooty: he's so obviously an ambeciel.
  • shiftynifty
    Facebook....a site for space cadets
  • shakesheadsadly
    Facebook want to take over Android. Facebook want to take over Android on HTC phones Facebook want to take over Android on one HTC phone Facebook are actually making a specific facebook phone in conjuction with HTC. Another Mof classic. It's getting worse than the Daily Mail this site.

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