Facebook want to map your home, with Artificial Intelligence

23 February 2016

Bitterwallet - Facebook Facebook eh? Kings of respecting your personal privacy! So what are those crazy hoarders of your information up to now? Well, they'd like to use their highly developed artificial intelligence to make a very precise and accurate map of your home!

What could be weird about that? This is all part of Zuckerberg's plan to bring the internet to everyone, apparently.

Basically, Facebook want to use satellite imagery and put it through their computers which can think like humans. Those computers will look at areas, and identify where humans live, and then, Facebook can send the internet to them.

Facebook's Tobias Tiecke said: "Ten percent of the world's population lives in areas of the world where connectivity is simply not available; connecting these often remote and rural areas will require the development of new wireless communication technologies and platforms."

Meanwhile, on the stage at Samsung's latest event, Zuckerberg said that virtual reality technology is "the next platform", adding that VR headsets are going to be the future of all things social: "Imagine holding a group meeting or event anywhere that you want. All these things are going to be possible, and that's why Facebook is investing so much early on in virtual reality. So we can help to deliver these kind of social experiences."

If he wants to make a load of money, then he needs to pay for a load of dirty films to be made, which exist in the virtual world. The success of new technology lies in either mucky films, or being able to shout at strangers online.

Anyway, Facebook will be mapping the world, offering the internet like saviours, and popping VR headsets onto every girl and boy. What could possibly go wrong?

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  • Father J.
    Not every girl and boy. Those of us with an IQ greater than our shoe size will still be saying "Suck my wang, Facebook"

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