Facebook to offer 'read it later' option, even though no-one wants to read it 'now'

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Facebook are currently testing a new function which will allow you to save things you see on the site so you can read them later. Of course, with Twitter moving at a hundred miles on hour, Facebook is kinda already the place you go if you can't keep up with the speed everyone else moves at.

If you want to see something weeks after everyone else, Facebook is the social network for you.

Facebook love to tinker (although, not necessarily improve) and they're looking at doing something like Instapaper or Pocket. The idea is that you'll be able to save links posted to Facebook for later browsing and this new tool is already showing up on some Facebook mobile apps.

Articles will show up in a saved menu, listed alongside your apps.

Zuckerbook actually tested something similar out last year. "We're constantly testing new features, but we have nothing further to share at this time," the company said.

All the while, Facebook becomes more cluttered and counter-intuitive, only useful for stalking people's photos that you find on dating profiles, or for background checks on CVs.

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  • Dick
    They also have an "ignore all the crap" button. It is the one with "Sign Out" on. (Presumably you can sign out of facebook. The above is just a guess.)

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