Facebook: Secretly adding apps to your profile

7 May 2010

Bitterwallet - FacebookFacebook, once the exciting new thing to replace your MySpace habits, is having a bad time of it, PR-wise. Constant tinkering means the social networking site is always buggy and doesn't do as it should, making people either leave the site in droves or, more irritatingly, start thousands of groups on Facebook to complain about Facebook.

When the site itself is behaving, more and more news appears that makes the site look like it is being run by a bunch of evil bastards determined to invade your privacy.

And they're at it again as Facebook is putting apps into your profile without asking. If you want to stop, alas, it isn't as easy as checking or un-checking a box in your privacy settings.

What happens is this: You visit a site while you're logged into Facebook and an app for the site you're visiting quietly adds itself to your Facebook profile. You don't even have to have a Facebook window open and nor do you need to be signed in to these things to appear. There's no telling you, no opt-out system... it's a crock of shit quite frankly.

However, there is a way of sorting this out, and visit MacWorld for a small guide.

This news comes on the back of another admin boob which allowed Faecbook users to see who people had been voting for. Its not good form to show everyone's voting habits to each other is it?

These constant privacy issues are getting a bit tiresome now aren't they? Are people going to start walking away from Facebook or do they really not give a shit?


  • Homer S.
    That dog has a puffy tail! Hehehee, here, Puff! Here, Puff!
  • Smiffy
    I think you're right. There's two main types of people on Facebook: 1) Companies/Labels and other such enterprises that only have something to gain from lack of privacy - it means more exposure 2) Dimwitted eejits that would probably think a Nob is half a biscuit. They really don't know what they're doing on Facebook, but they go on anyway, cuz all the idiots they know are doing it for exactly the same reason. To be honest I can't see either of them giving a shit. Shame really. More of a shame that it's idiots like this that actually get a say in who gets to push this country further down the drain.
  • Emma
    Yeah there was an app on mine for break.com who I visited yesterday... removing now!
  • Morocco
    I haven't used facebook in over a month. Haven't missed it. It's a pointless waste of your life.
  • Tom A.
    Walked already
  • shinkyshonky
    Facebook...twitter...twatter...so last year...never gonna make money when your left with jeremy kyle fuckwits

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