Facebook opens app store

8 June 2012

Bitterwallet - Facebook logoFacebook has been tinkering more than Claudio Ranieri and, after piddling about with people's timelines and floating on the stockmarket, Zuckerberg's company has announced that they're opening an app store.

This is obviously an attempt to cash-in after Facebook failed to make any dough from adverts on mobiles.

This app store won't affect Apple or Google much, instead, keeping bums on seats by telling users what their friends are playing in an attempt to direct them toward an app marketplace to install the software.

According to paperwork, Facebook got 12 per cent of its revenue in 2011 from online gaming startup Zynga (they make Words With Friends and other idling platforms), so it's obviously an area for growth... and growth means money.

American users will be first to see the app store, with a European roll-out coming over the next couple of weeks.

A statement says: "The App Center gives you personalised recommendations, and lets you browse the apps your friends use. It only lists high-quality apps, based on feedback from people who use the app. You can send apps you find on your computer to your mobile device using the new 'Send to Mobile' feature. If a mobile app requires a download, you’ll be sent to install it from the Apple App Store or Google Play."

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  • Mike H.
    Nah, that Facebook is for BMW/Audi driving cunts, they're all wankers ain't they? You should listen to me because I'm well clever me, I swear lots and have a viewpoint that is way more important than anyone elses.
  • Wonkey H.
    And I bum foxes

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